Great Time To Buy

All indications show home prices & mortgage rates going up over the next year so now is a good time to jump into the market.

Refund Equals Down Payment

It's tax season and if you're getting a refund that could be a great way to start saving to buy a home. 

Mortgage Rates

Where are mortgage rates headed in 2018? I talk about that and what it means for you as a home buyer.

Millenials & Home Buying

Millenials get a bad rap in my opinion. Here is some info about how millenials view owning a home.

Are You Ready To Buy?

Everyone knows when it comes to buying a house you need a downpayment & to figure your mortgage.  There's much more to know...

Homes & Loans TO Heroes

We offer a great program for our heroes...we want to make it a bit easier for you to buy a home by giving back at the closing table.