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How Real Are "Reality" Home Shows?

C'mon, we've all done it.  Like that one song in your playlist that you LOVE but would be embarrassed if anyone else knew.  We have all lost a weekend watching HGTV and binging on Property Brothers, Love It Or List It or Fixer Upper and Good Bones.  Like I said we've all done it and it looks so easy, right?  If I'm looking to buy a house I'll go get a realtor, see three homes and then pick one!  We can knock this out in a couple of hours, right?  Wrong! 

Well, here's a little secret for ya, not quite that easy.  Remember it's "reality" TV so it must be real!  As Lee Corso would say on Gameday, not so fast my friend.  I've already given away the first myth of these shows so let's get to it:

Myth #1:  Buyers look at 3 homes and decide to purchase one of them.
Truth: Look, there are people who fall in love with the first home they see and jump right on it.  But, according to my own experience as a 
RealtorĀ® and the National Association of Realtors, the average homebuyer tours 10 homes as a part of their search. 

Myth #2: The houses the buyers are touring are still for sale.
Truth:  Remember this is reality TV so...Everything is staged!  Most of the homes we see are already under contract.

Myth #3: The buyers are just starting the process. 
Truth: Seriously?  The buying process takes some time and there is no way to go through everything in a 30-minute show,  so most of the time the folks we see have already chosen their home. 

Myth #4: If you list your home for sale, it ALWAYS sells at the open house. 
Truth:  How awesome would that be?  While open houses are a great way to expose your house to potential buyers, it's just a small piece of what goes into marketing your home.  I have yet to write a contract during an open house. 

Myth #5: Homeowners decide to sell their homes after a 5-minute conversation.
Truth:   Most sellers interview many 
RealtorsĀ® and have thought long and hard about putting their house on the market.

The one thing that is portrayed correctly is that having an experienced local professional on your side while going through the home buying or selling process is the best way to guarantee you can achieve your real estate goals.