Thanks for checking out my page aimed at helping you to enhance your listings. You are probably here because you took the Marketing 101 class with Shawn Graves and wanted to find out more. Among the things I can do for you are Voicepad recordings for your listings, voice over for videos and creating whiteboard presentations (with or without narration). All of these items are great value-added options to present potential clients during your listing presentations.

Produced Voicepad Recordings

($15/recording or $25 if I write the copy)

Voicepad Listing Sample

Open House Sample

PTA or Event Sample

Buyer Seminar Sample

Produced Whiteboard Presentations

($25 up to 60 second video w/music or $35 to include narration)

Sample Video w/Narration
Listing Sample

Processing video...

Sample Video w/Music Bed Only
Open House

Processing video...